Features and Benefits

What is Federal Access?

Access to every tool and resource you need to successfully win government contracts.
Federal Access is the most comprehensive set of tools and resources you will find anywhere on the market.

  • Simple and practical
  • Comprehensive with hundreds of highly detailed templates, documents, videos, and best practices
  • A no B.S. roadmap with every technique and strategy you need to win government contracts
  • Step-by-Step strategies for Marketing, Sales, Teaming, Proposals, Contract Management and back office operations .
  • Program supports both product and service-based organizations.
  • A self-paced MBA-level program that accelerates your understanding and navigation of the federal market and helps you position for and win government contracts. With exceptional results.
  • If you can find a more comprehensive program that provides a fraction of the value FA provides, we'll give you a free account.
FA Members have won more than $2.8 Billion in Government Contracts
We have quickly become one of the most successful educational and training resources in the country for government contractors.

  • Award Winning – SBA Veteran Business of the Year
  • In The News – Fox Business, Business Journals, CBS, ABC, NBC
  • We Train the Nation's Trainers. As a result of our strategies being the most comprehensive on the market, we are often asked to train business counselors for many of the government funded non-profits as well as many business consultants.
Proven Value - Federal Access is a Unique Program
Everyone says they have a great program. We are no different. But with hundreds of written and video testimonials, attesting to more than a billion dollars in contracts, we let our Members speak for us.

Federal Access is not simply another solution or website. It took more than five years to bring Federal Access to market. With hundreds of templates, step-by-step strategies, webinars, on-demand training videos, and other resources - Federal Access provides more than 1,000 industry-leading techniques and strategies to help you accelerate into the government market.

Where the average company takes three to five years to successfully enter the government market, our Members do it in 6 to 12 months.

Priced For Small Business
Federal Access was built in response to one of our market's greatest challenges: To create an MBA-level educational and training platform with the most comprehensive and proven business templates and strategies; that allows any professional or company to accelerate into the government market; at a cost that any company can afford and at a fraction of the price charged by most consultants. And we did it.

Federal Access is designed for entrepreneurs, startup, small, mid-tier, and large companies, but we priced the program so even the smallest company can afford to grow their business.

With three levels, Professional, Corporate, and Advisor, regardless of the size of your company, you will not find comparable value anywhere on the market.

99% of online systems procured by government contractors are bid-matching or data systems.
That is not what we do. We do something much more powerful.

  • Federal Access helps you win opportunities AFTER you’ve identified them.
  • Anyone can “find” opportunities with a little help. There are dozens of quality bid-matching tools you can use. Federal Access is NOT a bid-matching system.
  • Federal Access accelerates your understanding of the market, provides the step-by-step processes you need to engage prospects and teaming partners, and the strategies you need to win opportunities AFTER you've identified them.
  • This is why Federal Access is so popular with government contractors.
  • Federal Access helps you properly APPLY the right techniques and strategies, at the right time, to ensure you properly differentiate, influence the acquisition, and win more contracts.


Features and Benefits

Every key document, template, and resource you need to successfully market and sell to the government.
Hundreds of essential techniques, strategies, templates, and step-by-step processes to accelerate competitiveness and win new contracts.

New templates and resources added every month.
100+ Documents, Templates, and example Proposals
1,000+ Techniques, Strategies, and Step-by-Step Processes and Recommendations
Techniques, strategies, and templates for marketing, sales, teaming, proposal, and operations.
Basic and Advanced Strategies for Winning Government Contracts
25 years of industry best practice and 1,000+ techniques and strategies.
The Government Sales Manual provides extensive detail on techniques and strategies to improve your prospecting, synchronize sales activities, and generate revenue. It is designed to educate you not only on the market but the strategies you need internally to accelerate marketing, sales and proposal efforts.

Extensive and Comprehensive
450+ pages of techniques and strategies for government capture management, sales, marketing, teaming and proposal differentiation. Developed for businesses from start-up to $50 million annual revenue. This is not a book - but a manual that outlines every core concept required to successfully market and sell to the federal government.
Featured Monthly Webinar and Training Events Educational, fast-paced, high-energy and packed with techniques and strategies. Each month you will have access to a featured webinar focused on essential techniques and strategies geared toward accelerating your business and winning government contracts. These sessions are popular keynotes from our national conference tours.  For your convenience, all webinars are on-demand.
Basic to Advanced Training
On Demand. Anytime. Any Place. Any Device.
Most of us learn by seeing and hearing. Valued at more than $5,000, the on-demand video training library (with dozens of videos and new ones added monthly) helps define the overarching objective of the Federal Access Program - to educate, accelerate, and help you maximize revenue. These videos are professionally developed and produced in order to create value through teaching, social, and professional engagement. You don't have to schedule a trip to Washington DC for training or spend thousands going to multiple conferences just for training. These videos provide maximum value and allow you to train when and where you want.
Podcast for Government Contractors
Weekly interviews with leading national experts and thought leaders providing game-changing advice on how to win government contracts.
Weekly 5 Minute Business Updates
Stay current on what impacts your government efforts.
Whether it’s changes to small business regulations, a finding by the Supreme Court, a major contract released for competition, or how to prepare your company for an upcoming conference, the FA Playbook is another valuable resource.

Market Updates
When something important happens we communicate market updates through email alerts and the FA Playbook. Playbook is presented via video and is the first resource you see each time you log into the Member’s portal.
Professional Graphics For Marketing and Proposals
Hundreds of professional graphics that anyone can modify using just Microsoft PowerPoint. You won’t believe the quality of these graphics, tables, and charts.

These graphic’s packs support marketing, website, capability statement, proposals, social-media, project management, and infographics!
Key Websites For Government Contractors
Don’t underestimate the value of this file.
Imagine knowing exactly which websites to use and how to use them. It’s like having access to the computer of a 25 year government sales professional. Simply import the bookmark file into your Internet browser.

You Will Visit These Websites Daily
Throughout the documentation, templates, webinars, podcasts, and other resources, these websites are referred to time and again. Our job is to accelerate your entry into the market. This is part of that process.
Any Question. Any Subject. Any Issue.
You have access to a team of experts who understand government acquisition and are experts in positioning a company's products and services to win government contracts.

Corporate Membership: Priority Support
48 hour email support

Advisor Membership: VIP Support
An SME on speed-dial - not on payroll
24 hour email support
12 hour phone support
An SME on Speed-Dial - Not on Payroll
Advisor Membership Level
One of the more popular services offered by Federal Access. When you register as an Advisor Member, we work with you every month to ensure your strategy is sound, that you’re doing the right things, and to help you win your next contract.