Ep 134: Becoming a GovCon Expert Book Launch

In this special episode of Game Changers, you go 1-on-1 with Michael LeJeune to talk about his new book, Becoming a GovCon Expert.

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Six of the nation’s top government contracting experts share essential strategies for doing business with the government. The strategies in this book have helped companies win over $3 billion in government contracts and over $30 billion in multiple award contracts.

Each chapter mirrors a session given at the 2021 GovCon Summit Annual Conference. GovConSummit is a virtual accelerator network and annual conference that focuses on Veteran entrepreneurs in the Federal contracting market. However, the tactics, strategies, and recommendations are applicable to any company that wants to win government contracts.

Each chapter skips the fluff and focuses on the core concepts required for you to master the game of government contracting. Unlike most books, Becoming a GovCon Expert provides practical advice from subject matter experts with step-by-step instruction and recommendations.

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You will learn:
★ How to prepare yourself to be a successful government contractor
★ 12 common challenges faced by new government contractors
★ How to accelerate into the government market
★ A case study on government sales and revenue stream diversity
★ The value of PMP and Sec+ Certifications
★ How to master the game of GovCon
★ Branding yourself as a GovCon Subject Matter Expert (SME)
★ How to bridge government sales strategy with business strategy
★ Building your GovCon pipeline
★ Doing business with the Department of the Navy
★ How to create a daily “battle-rhythm” for marketing and sales
★ How to develop your WRAP rate / fully burdened rate
★ Outrunning your overhead
★ Authentic leadership
★ Growing your solopreneurship beyond yourself

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Featured Guest: Michael LeJeune Company: Partner and Federal Access PM, RSM Federal
Email: mlejeune@rsmfederal.com Phone: (636) 577-5005

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