Joshua Frank
Founder & Managing Partner, RSM Federal

Mr. Frank started RSM Federal in 2008. He is a best-selling author, professional speaker, and business coach with 25 years in the Federal market. Mr. Frank is a leading authority on government sales and the techniques and strategies required to win government contracts.

“The focus of RSM Federal is not just to teach techniques and strategies. We help our clients learn how to apply what they've learned so that they actually WIN contracts.”
Michael LeJeune
Partner and Federal Access PM, RSM Federal

Michael LeJeune is a bestselling author and master coach with RSM Federal. Michael hosts the wildly popular Govcon podcast Game Changers for Government Contractors, manages the Federal Access Knowledge-Base and training platform, and specializes in helping Govcon business owners brand themselves as Subject Matter Experts in their niche.

“Helping our clients beat the odds is what keeps me going. Each contract win is motivation for me to keep innovating new ways for our clients to win.”
Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD
Founder, Vets2PM

Doc Wright is the Founder & CEO of Vets2PM, LLC, and Amazon #1 Best Seller, with expertise in financial and project management, accounting, leadership, adult instruction, and PMP® exam application completion and audit defense. Eric is dedicated to helping Military Veterans profoundly change their lives through project management, entrepreneurship, and AI.

“It's an honor to be able to help Veterans successfully make the the transition from battlefield to boardroom.”
Jenny Clark
CEO, Solvability

Jenny Clark is the CEO of Solvability. Solvability works with “Second Stage Federal Contractors,” defined as small businesses serving defense and aerospace with 10 to 100 employees, $2Million to $10 Million in Sales.

“There is a well defined roadmap for success in government contracting. Once contractors have the map, growing their business becomes easy.”
David Neal
Managing Partner, David Neal Consulting

David Neal is the Founder and managing partner of David Neal Consulting, an Amazon #1 Bestselling author, and has over 15 years of experience working with small, minority and woman owned businesses to win millions in government contracts.

“I want to be the "bridge" that small businesses will use to accomplish their goals in selling to the federal government.”
Judy Bradt
CEO, Summit Insight, LLC

Judy Bradt is the CEO of Summit Insight, LLC. She serves as strategic adviser on government business for established companies who want to win faster and spend less doing it. Expert author, speaker and consultant, she brings tips, strategy and insight to ease your way when you offer innovative solutions to government buyers.

“Winning government contracts should not be hard. That's why I wrote the book, Government Contracts Made EasiER.”
Barbara Stankowski
CEO/Owner, Stankowski Advanced Strategies

Barbara is the CEO of Stankowski Advanced Strategies. She has 28 years of U.S. Navy experience, is a member of the American Academy of Entrepreneurs, is on the Executive Board for GrowFL, and grew AMTIS from a small startup to $30M in annual government contracts.

"My passion is helping second stage businesses accelerate their growth."
Carroll Bernard
Co-Founder, Govology

Carroll Bernard is the Co-Founder of Govology, a #1 bestselling author, and business coach. Govology helps connect government contractors to trusted experts and resources in the government marketplace. Carroll's coaching is focused on constructions firms.

"Winning government contracts gets easier when you are connected to the right resources and experts."
Stephanie Marquardt
CEO, Continuous Synergy

Stephanie is the CEO of Continuous Synergy. She helps companies who have plateaued in the government contracting market by helping them create and implement a strategic plan of attack. Other services of Continuous Synergy include, factional COO/integrator support, operational support, and process improvement.

"I have a passion for helping businesses run more efficiently while adhering to their company culture."
Mark Amtower
Managing Partner, Amtower & Company

Mark Amtower is the managing partner of Amtower & Comany and the host of Amtower Off Center on Federal News Radio. Mark specializes in helping companies build a subject matter expert (SME) platform so that they can leverage their expert status (primarily through social media/LinkedIn) to connect with their buyers to build relationships and grow government sales.

"When you work with me you are accessing 36+ years experience, covering an unparalleled spectrum of products and services focused on improving the ROI of your marketing budget."
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